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Series Two – Episode Ten: Mark Groves

‘Healing heartbreak & letting yourself be loved’

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“For the first time in my life I make out with three chicks on the dance floor, and time travelled through all of it. I end up taking a chick home to my parent’s house on Halloween. Rookie move.  She’s dressed as the Devil. Oh the irony!”

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“I started posting my story on this forum – women mostly – and it was the first time I felt non-judgementally heard. It wasn’t someone else’s agenda, it was objective and helped me listen to my story through a  different lens.
One woman asked me these powerful questions. All a sudden I realised it wasn’t about me.”

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In this episode, Mike speaks with Mark Groves – the man behind Create The Love Instagram account, home to no BS relationship advice that thousands of people the world over go to daily.

Mike and Mark sit down in Mark’s apartment in Vancouver and get into all things love, relationships and the mistakes Mark has made over the years and the immense lessons he’s gained as a result.

Mark’s content on relationships is phenomenal as well as being down to earth, engaging and relatable. If you watch one person on relationships, make it Mark.
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In this episode, Mark and Mike dive deep into healing a broken heart and navigating that space between pretending to be okay and ‘keeping things casual’ and actually trusting yourself enough to LET yourself be loved.

Mark’s expert take on relationships is brilliantly mixed with his engaging and funny conversational style.

Plenty to take from this full interview. This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out the full episode

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