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Series Two – Episode Eleven: Ben Fordham

‘Conversations in the public eye’

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“People are willing to share with me because someone asked!”

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“I had to make a call and quick one of my jobs in order for me as a dad to not be a witness tot he upbringing of my children.”

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In this episode, Mike speaks with TV and radio host Ben Fordham. They delve into having conversations in the public eye – ranging from the questions he gets to ask and the people he’s asking them of, to being the person IN the public eye.

Ben shares how he navigated a very public court case, as well as fatherhood and the challenges of providing.

There is loads in this chat, make sure you watch the full version above to get all of the goodness.
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In this episode, Ben and Mike dive into the challenges of fatherhood and navigating the pressures of providing.

Ben also discusses being in the public eye and the kinds of conversations he has leant into over the years, including being on the other side of the lens and being charged with a crime.

This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out the full episode

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