Conversations With Men That Break the Stereotype

Taking a beer with mates to new depths;
actually talking about the stuff that matters.

Welcome to BEYOND THE BEERS – Conversations With Men That Break The Stereotype.

We support men in going beneath the surface level chat we stick to so happy, and actually being real – not necessarily the most daring or difficult conversations (to start off), but dealing with the things that are important and meaningful.

Our Key Message: WE ALL HAVE SHIT.

Pretending you don’t, pretending everything is fine and you’re handling everything okay, just swallowing challenges and never dealing with them – is a lie and you know. We all do. The more we do this, the more we suffer in silence as men, the less we manage life properly, the less we ENJOY LIFE. Talking about our shit, sharing and bringing others (especially men) into your confidence makes navigating life so much EASIER (and better).
Think about it… We men love a good yarn, some chat and banter. Even better over a beer, or 10. Sadly though for many men it never goes beyond this, if at all.
Beyond The Beers is both an interview show with Mike (our host) and another everyday man having a conversation that goes beyond the surface, and a series of live events. It’s a place for men to actually talk about the shit that matters. This is conversation that breaks the surface and encourages men to do so in their own lives.
It’s not preachy or teachy, but a simple and example of men dropping the ego mask and being real with one another, in a comfortable and easy environment.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is and how powerful it can be once we drop the fear of being judged and have courageous and open conversations.

Be sure to check out the episodes of the show and if there are any Live Events coming up near you.
– Mike
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I’m your host Mike Campbell