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This short video is the BRAND NEW teaser for Episode SEVEN with Gus Worland – the final episode in Series One.

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Beyond the Beers

Welcome to BEYOND THE BEERS- Conversations With Men That Break The Stereotype. Here you’ll find a show designed to encourage men to start embracing more meaningful conversations in their own lives.

Many of us have no space or capabilities to talk with other men beyond the surface level chat. Some men don’t even have that. This show exists to provide an example of two men having a conversation that goes beyond the surface  and showing that not only is it needed, both individually and collectively, but it’s not that hard; to be vulnerable is to be courageous.

In this episode, Gus and Mike cover Gus’s recent show on ABC ‘Man Up’ – One Man’s mission to save Aussie Blokes. A brave, personal and empowering show that Gus is the brains and powerhouse behind.

We dive into how Gus’s life and conversations have changed now that he’s brought the topic of men opening up and being vulnerable into the public eye.

Gus has dived head first into the world of challenging the current model of masculinity, and it’s one I personally resonate with (obviously), so this was a meeting of two passionate minds.

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