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Series Two – Episode Eight: Tom Stranger

‘Sexual Assault, Consent, & Owning Your Shit’

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“I just had to find a place to sit this, to own it and integrate it – if I was to have any chance to be a balanced, normal person.”

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“This is an issue that’s really prevalent. An issue that’s going on behind a lot of closed doors in every country in the world.”

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In this episode, Mike speaks with Tom Stranger – a man who, at the age of  18 made a terrible mistake, and raped his then-girlfriend. They have since written a book together exploring healing and forgiveness.

Tom speaks about consent and educating boys and young men about this topic.

There is loads in this chat, make sure you watch the full version above to get all of the goodness.
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In this short version of the show, Tom and Mike discuss a fateful night many years ago, that changed the lives of two young people for good – 18-year-old Tom and his then-girlfriend Thordis.

We discuss facing up to the mistakes you’ve made and owning your shit, no matter how bad it is and how immensely hard it is, as Tom shares.

We hear Tom talk about how that incident shaped his life and profession, lighting an urge to educate and support young men in understanding sexual assault, consent and how we interact with women.

This is just a taste of the depth of this conversation. Be sure to check out the full episode

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