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Episode Twelve: Ali Day

In this make-shift episode, Mike sits down with Professional Ironman Ali Day to discuss navigating the challenges of his sport and being a business owner.

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Episode Eleven: Ben Fordham

In this episode, Mike speaks with TV and radio host Ben Fordham. They delve into having conversations in the public eye – ranging from the questions he gets to ask and the people he’s asking them of, to being the person IN the public eye.

Ben shares how he navigated a very public court case, as well as fatherhood and the challenges of providing.

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Episode Ten: Mark Groves

In this episode, Mike speaks with Tom Stranger – a man who, at the age of  18 made a terrible mistake, and raped his then-girlfriend. They have since written a book together exploring healing and forgiveness.

Tom speaks about consent and educating boys and young men about this topic.

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Episode Nine: Nick Bowditch

In this episode, Mike speaks with Beyond The Beers Sydney 2017 keynote speaker Nick Bowditch. Nick has a fascinating story of addiction, depression, and coming out the other side.

Nick shares his journey through some darker moments and how he’s learnt to find immense creativity in this, as well as not shying away from talking about it.

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Episode Eight: Tom Stranger

In Episode One of the show, our host Mike Campbell is immediately put into the position of interviewee as TV host Scott Tweedie comes in to ask Mike the hard questions.

You’ll see Mike share some of his more personal thoughts, fears and stories to lay the foundation for what is to come as this show progresses.

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