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Episode Seven: Gus Worland

In this episode, Gus and Mike cover Gus’s recent show on ABC ‘Man Up’ – One Man’s mission to save Aussie Blokes. A brave, personal and empowering show that Gus is the brains and powerhouse behind.

We dive into how Gus’s life and conversations have changed now that he’s brought the topic of men opening up and being vulnerable into the public eye.

Gus has dived head first into the world of challenging the current model of masculinity, and it’s one I personally resonate with (obviously), so this was a meeting of two passionate minds.

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Episode Six: James Greenshields

James was the keynote speaker for the recent Beyond The Beers event. After he spoke on the day we sat down for an interview in the style of this show. In this episode, we continue on from his story or military and recovery from the subsequent PTSD James experienced.

This conversation went into manhood as well as addressing the masculine and feminine relationship before then going into some graphic (and much needed) detail about sex.

James is a powerful speaker, who comes from the heart in a remarkably real and raw way.

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Episode Five: Nick Bradley

In Episode Five Mike sits down with Nick Bradley-Qalilawa; former professional sportsman, turned PT, coach and Rite of Passage facilitator for boys that have slipped through the cracks.

Nick is an extremely aware and interesting guy, which is why Mike wanted him on the show. From giving insight into life after professional football, to his own approach to pornography and being in tune tot he fire inside him, there is loads of goodness in here.

I always enjoy my own chats with Nick, as I did this one (very much), and I think you will too.

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Episode Four: Scott Tweedie

In Episode Four we sit down with TV host Scott Tweedie who you might remember from Episode One in which we turned the tables and he interviewed Mike.

Scott shares some insights from his career in the TV industry, in what can be a tough and gruelling environment, often with an element of the disingenuous. Scott’s take on fame and profile is a refreshing one as he looks to use it in order to give back and help those around him.

This was a great chat. Dive in to get some wonderful perspective on life and manhood from a guy striving to be his best.

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Episode Three: JuVan Langford

In Episode Three of the show, Mike sits down in LA with YouTube creator and men’s empowerment coach JuVan Langford.

JuVan’s personal story is one of challenge, adversity and vulnerability. He shares his path from a disrupted and challenging upbringing to becoming a man of strength, purpose and inspiring other men.

This was a fun conversation to have, however, it was on short notice when I (Mike) was in LA, so you’ll see some shots of lower quality due to available equipment, but the conversation is of the highest order.

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Episode Two: Jackson Auld

In Episode Two of the show, Mike chats with Jackson Auld, or Jacko.

Having met when the two travelled to Cambodia together, and subsequently roomed together for the entire 12 day cycle trip around the country, a bromance soon formed.

In what was the first show we filmed, we covered a lot of questions, leading to this being a slightly fuller interview than most – hence the length. Some great stuff in here though.

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Episode One: Mike Campbell

In Episode One of the show, our host Mike Campbell is immediately put into the position of interviewee as TV host Scott Tweedie comes in to ask Mike the hard questions.

You’ll see Mike share some of his more personal thoughts, fears and stories to lay the foundation for what is to come as this show progresses.

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