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Interactive, Educational, Powerful & Fun HalfDay Event for Men!

‘XXXX’ Brewery, BRISBANE: 9am-1pm SATURDAY Sep 16, 2017

100 tickets total!

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“Best Saturday of my life” – Giovanni, Attendee Sydney 2017

“If it wasn’t for events like this for men that Mike is creating, I’d be dead. Simple.” – Nick Bowditch, Speaker Sydney 2017


“It was fantastic. I want more.” – James, Attendee Sydney 2017


“The first hour your mind just gets absolutely blown!” – Jacob, Attendee Melbourne 2017


“I got a lot out of it, personally and professionally. And the guys in the room, the conversations I had went to another level like everyone had permission to just speak. No walls, honest, clean and easy.” – Jason, Attendee Sydney 2016


THINGS HAVE CHANGED… The Male Stereotype is Outdated…

Being a man is no longer simply about being tough, building things, going to war, or being the provider. Sure, it can be these things, but it is so much more. You need to:

Be Strong | Be Compassionate | Be Purposeful | Be Empathetic | Be BRAVE | Be Vulnerable | BE REAL

This is an Event for…

Men searching for more in life;
More Clarity, More Direction, More Confidence, More Sucess and Fulfilment.


Maybe that’s you. On the whole, life’s going OK. But nagging at the back of your mind, you know you could be experiencing more.

More fulfilment. Deeper communication. Better relationships. Broader experiences.

With a group of gents who’ve ‘been there, done that’ we’ll to explore how you can have those things.

This is an event for men who want to experience the next level in their life and actually talk about this stuff with other like-minded men.

Beyond The Beers is a one of a kind event supporting men in effectively communicating and confidently navigating their lives, from career, to health and relationships.

As an attendee, you’ll leave with tools for implementation in your own life, and a community of men who are all on a journey of growth and fulfilment.

This occurs through a series of talks from different experts, leaders and everyday men, which creates an environment for guys in the room to drop beneath the surface and talk about stuff that matters, such as:

  • The conflict in relationships
  • A declining sex-life
  • The struggle in trying for a baby
  • Being a father
  • Pressures of  work and business
  • Living up to the pressures and expectations of others
  • Fighting addiction, loneliness or isolated thoughts

Created and run by Men’s coach, author, and founder of The School of Personal Mastery coaching program for men, Mike Campbell.

If you want to come, best be quick, seats are very limited.

“Empowering men to own their shit! 

I recommend this event to anyone who knows they’ve got more to give I life. You’ve got direction, possibly, maybe not. Whatever it is for you, come to the event and share yourself and learn from others.

It was a bloody pleasure to speak at and be a part of.

James Greenshields (keynote at 2016 event)
Resilient Leaders Foundation

If you’re ready to question the bullshit stereotype of what it means to be a man in 2017, to stretch yourself, to grow in confidence and get more from your life, register now as these events have limited tickets and will reach capacity.

Get your EARLY BIRD Tickets here – ONLY $14!

SAT Sep 16th, 2017 – ‘XXXX’ Brewery, Cnr Black & Paten Streets Milton, Brisbane

PLUS – $10 from EVERY ticket sale goes to support our partners at – ‘It ain’t weak to speak’

Total Capacity: GA + VIP = only 100 per event!

Get your Early Bird Tickets here Just $14!

SAT Sep 16th, 2017 – ‘XXXX’ Brewery, Cnr Black & Paten Streets Milton, Brisbane

PLUS – $10 from EVERY ticket sale goes to support our partners at – ‘It ain’t weak to speak’

Total Capacity (GA + VIP) limited to 100 men!


Mike Campbell
Mike CampbellHost & Speaker
Mike is the creator and host of Beyond The Beers – both this event and the show. He has a passion of making modern day masculinity accessible to everyday men, supporting men in connecting to who we really are, not who we think we’re supposed to be. Mike will be setting the scene on the day plus facilitating some conversations, as well as the deep dive learning session. He’ll also be partaking in the panel Q&A, providing plenty of opportunity to learn from and chat with him.
Jackson Auld
Jackson AuldPersonal Share
Jackson Auld is a 21 year old motivational speaker with the organisation yLead speaking to 30,000 people each year. After a serious neck injury sidelined him from his passion for rugby league, He has developed a desire to give back to his community and inspire those he comes into contact with to lead a life filled with purpose.
When he isn’t speaking he enjoys volunteering with disabled people and working out on his family’s cattle property.

“What was there not to like! The content, the quality of the presentations and presenters. Fucking great. That’s all I have to say, and thank you for a wicked event! It was fantastic. I want more.”

James, Attendee, Sydney 2017

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Also on the day you’ll receive

General (only 85/event):

  • Tea, coffee and refreshments

  • Goodys! We have a bunch of goodies for you to take home for free from our wonderful parnters.

  • Beers! Our friends at XXXX will shout beers at the end of the day!

VIP (limited to 15/event):

  • Everything General gets (to the left)

  • Priority seating

  • Exclusive VIP Dinner following the event with Mike & one speaker. This is a tight dinner for 15 guys only; food, drink and deep conversation.

Get your EARLY BIRD Tickets here – JUST $14!

SAT Sep 16th, 2017 – ‘XXXX’ Brewery, Cnr Black & Paten Streets Milton, Brisbane

PLUS – $10 from EVERY ticket sale goes to support our partners at – ‘It ain’t weak to speak’

Total Capacity: GA + VIP = only 100 per event!

Get your Early Bird Tickets here!

SAT Sep 16th, 2017 – ‘XXXX’ Brewery, Cnr Black & Paten Streets Milton, Brisbane

EARLY BIRD Tickets Live Now – Just $14! (+gst) – $10 of which goes to

Total Capacity (GA + VIP) limited to 100 men!

What’s so special about the VIP ticket?

Not only do you get front row seats for this amazingly immersive experience, but you’ll be part of an exclusive, tight-knit and impactful dinner that same night with Mike, one of our speakers and a select few other men. In this dinner we’ll have space and an open forum.

An opportunity to deepen some of the connections made during the day, plus the exclusive opportunity to ‘Hot Seat’ and receive snappy, yet powerful personalised coaching and feedback.

Just $87 and only 15 tickets available – GET YOURS ABOVE NOW

What people are saying about ‘Beyond The Beers’ Events so far

“This is quite groundbreaking. I think most guys wanna talk about the things we’ve talking about, but they don’t know how. It’s positive, and it’s really rewarding and refreshing.”

– Beau Ushay

“Beyond expectations. Blown away by the quality of the speakers. The guys resonated with it; a lot of stuff we think about, but maybe don’t talk about with our mates.”

– Josh Masters