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Conversations With Men That Break the Stereotype

For men who want more out of life


We men love a good yarn, some chat and banter. Even better over a beer, or 10. Sadly though for many men it never goes beyond this, if at all.

Beyond The Beers is a place for men who inspire, educate and challenge; men with purpose, courage, compassion and strength to disrupt the current stereotype and provide examples for other men to chat, listen, learn, laugh and grow.

This is conversation that breaks the surface and encourages men to do so in their own lives.

It’s about providing accessible information on life, manhood and tough conversations – without the fluff and macho BS extremes – for men who want more out of life, but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen.

oh hi

I’m your host Mike Campbell


In 2016, more than ever men are stuck, lost, detached. Depression, anxiety and suicide are frighteningly high in men. Every day in Australia 6 people kill themselves. 5 of who are men.  It’s become clear that so many men are suffering in silence; too afraid to open up to other guys and have a decent chat beyond the surface banter and meaningless small talk.

It could be so simple, and it could be instrumentally significant.

Instead we often sink deeper into our internal man cave of self-doubt and fear; the inner voice that says we’re the only ones feeling this way and we should have the answers ourselves.

I (Mike) wholeheartedly believe that this inability and unavailability to have more meaningful conversations with other men (and humans in general) is a big contributor to the trends we are seeing in mental illness (and general health) violence and isolation in men, and an indicator of where we’re at as a whole and as individuals.

We’re stuck on the ‘Mediocre-Man Treadmill’ – moving, but going nowhere…


To become more than just one of the crowd, to become your best, your own man; purposeful and driven yet compassionate and considerate, strong and resilient yet empathetic and willing to be vulnerable – we must have some hard hitting and meaningful conversations from time to time that go beyond the surface.


It starts by asking yourself some tough questions and having the conversations that will challenge you to push past what’s comfortable in order to grow .

We must then embrace the art, therapy and practicality of more meaningful conversations.

We often avoid having the kind of conversations that make us uncomfortable, the ones that we wish we could have, through fear of rejection, embarrassment or other consequence – worst case scenario comes to mind. While that vague black cloud of a worst case very rarely happens, (nor is it that bad), these conversations help us expand and grow exponentially.


As men, some of our biggest drivers are rooted in connection; a need to feel desired, significant, respected and a sense of belonging. This need for validation and importance all depends hugely on around our relationships with others. For these to improve we must communicate with ourselves first and then the people who matter most to us.

We must work on becoming master communicators; first internally, then from our family, to mates and work, to our most intimate relationships, embracing these conversations is a powerful way to improve them all.

Beyond The Beers exists to encourage men who want more from life, to talk about the big (and small) things; a place to learn, listen, laugh and grow.

This show is a way of initiating the bigger conversation for men to actually give ourselves permission to go beyond the surface and get real in our own lives.


The show is also leading towards an event (Saturday August 20th) for this bigger conversation to continue in the public forum, and have a real impact with the men of Sydney (and then wider audiences) – to check out the event details and how you can get involved, click here to visit the page.